The Last Week Of September!

“Effectiveness lies in the balance”

So a friend of mine said they are going to be starting a blog, so I thought that might be a good idea, I mean I have never kept a diary – think that’s probably because its easier to forget if you don’t have something to look back on ha!

So this last week I had popped to London for the day.

I was really looking forward to seeing the new Stegosaurus at the National History Museum  (#loveThatPlace)


its pretty impressive and I suggest you go see if for yourself as this picture don’t do it justice.

I also got to go on HMS Belfast, this experience I must say was not as I had imagined, I kinda knew it was a war ship (obviously) but I did not anticipate all the tight ladders, if you are of a bigger stature you may very well struggle around the ship.

I did find the information really interesting such as the exact location the guns are aimed at and how awesome and forward thing our engineering was back then, it’s a real eye opener.


Also of all the times I have been to London I have never seen #TowerBridge open and I got to see it twice that day, was pretty awesome.


Last but not least I went to go see St Paul’s Cathedral, think it is one of the most beautiful places in London.


The #WhisperingGallery gives access to the roof giving you a beautiful view of the London skyline, only better place to see it from is The Shard.


anyway I really enjoyed this and if anyone reads this let me know your favorite places an the things you love about them, also let me know what has #HappenedThisWeek with you!


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